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20 White Christmas Nails

White Christmas nails are a fun way to celebrate the holiday season and show your Christmas spirit.

The nail design ideas in this post are some of the many ways to create a white Christmas nail design – from minimalist snowflake designs to more intricate winter-themed manicures.

White Christmas Nails shown on right hand with blue sweater sleeve.

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20 White Christmas Nails

If you want to save on a Christmas manicure, you can purchase any of these Christmas nails below on Amazon. They’re super affordable and easy to apply.

From the color of fresh snow to the sparkle of holiday lights, these nails offer the perfect designs to inspire holiday cheer.

Whether you prefer something bright and bold or more subtle and sophisticated, here are some of the best white Christmas nail designs to try this year:

Winter Snowflake Almond Nails

These gorgeous winter snowflake almond nails mix white French tips, snowflakes, and holiday stripes on a nude base for a pretty, elegant look that can easily be worn throughout the Christmas season into January.

Snowman Nails

These white snowman nails on a nude base are so cute! Part French manicure, part nail art, this look features an adorable snowman with a carrot nose, a cute little hat, and a red or green scarf.

A fun twist on Christmas nails that are perfect for the holiday season!

Short White Snowflake Nails

For a sweet short white nail look, these oval nails are embellished with silver lines or snowflakes and mixed with glitter nails. While understated, these short nails are perfect for a holiday celebration.

Nude White Ombre Acrylic Nails

Not just a simple set of nude and white ombre acrylic nails (which would be beautiful on their own), these snowflake nails have a white snowflake nail art design to add a fun frosty look to your ombre French tip manicure.

White French Tip Snow Nails

I love these white French tip nails with wavy lines that are made to look like snow! While all of the nails have a background of dots or snowflakes, a few of the nails have a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, or snowman, which makes for such a cute holiday manicure.

Square White and Silver Nails

Want something a little flashier? These square white and silvery glitter nails are the perfect way to sparkle and shine this holiday season.

White Coffin Nails

For a glossy opaque nail look, these short-to-medium coffin nails mix milky white nails with glitter nails and snowflake nail art. This is another manicure that you can wear long past Christmas!

Nude and White Coffin Nails

For a more dramatic snowflake design, these long nude and white coffin nails mix snowflakes on the middle nails with white French tips in a v-shaped design.

Bow Coffin Nails

Do you love white but want to add a pop of color to your white manicure? These long mix-and-match coffin nails mix snowflakes, bows, and stripes with a single red bow wrapped in the shape of a present.

TIP: If the nails are too long for you (these are really long!), just trim them to your desired length and shape!

Reindeer Nails

For a fun and whimsical white nail design, these white nails showcase red dots and colorful Christmas reindeer on one nail on each hand. The perfect Christmas nail design for Christmas morning!

Glitter Coffin Nails

If you want your nails to sparkle and glitter but still want to keep the overall look white without any nail art, these glitter coffin nails are just that. These sparkly Christmas nails are a bold accessory for Christmas and New Year’s!

White French Tip Almond Nails

For a Christmas take on white French tip almond nails, these nails add gold glittery snowflakes and a reindeer as highlight nails. I love this elegant take on nail art!

white, gold, and silver glitter coffin nails

For a white nail manicure that isn’t only for Christmas, try these white, gold, and silver glitter coffin nails.

This medium-length look is perfect for winter and can be worn for special occasions during the holiday, thanks to the sparkle and shine from the glitter.

Long White Coffin Nails

If you’re after the bling, these long white coffin nails are embellished with various intricate rhinestone designs. Super sparkly, these festive holiday nails are perfect for a night out!

Pearl French Tip Nails

Talk about a sharp nail look! These pink and white snowflake pearl French tip nails bring a flirty feminine touch with pearl nail art embellishing the nails.

The soft pink base is flattering and looks gorgeous paired with the pretty pearl nail art.

Short White Glitter Nails

These shorter white glitter nails are more my style.

These glittery nails bring the festive spirit of Christmas to your nails but are shorter, so you can still work on a computer (like me!), write, or use your hands without worrying about your nails getting in the way.

French Tip Almond Snow Nails

These medium-length French tip almond snow nails are perfect for adding some understated holiday cheer.

Featuring white snowflakes on a nude base alternating with the classic French tip manicure, these nails look great with any outfit and will last through all your holiday activities!

Glossy Milk Almond Nails

For fancier yet simple Christmas nails that take you through the holiday season, these long milky white almond nails are simple and classic. You can wear these nails any day of the year!

Square Ombre Purple Nails

If you love the look of white nails but want to add a glittery spark of color, these square ombre purple glittery white nails are perfect for you.

A gradient of purple glitter on a white base gives these nails a contemporary feel that will be eye-catching at your Christmas party or any holiday occasion.

White Square French Tip Nails

If you like classic white square French tip nails, these shorter nails have a snowflake nail art on your choice of one nail on each hand. Perfect for Christmas, thanks to the frosty finish!

White Christmas Nail Stickers

White Christmas Nail Stickers

These white Christmas nail stickers are self-adhesive and so easy and fun. Bring a touch of white Christmas nail art to any manicure or pair them with your favorite festive nail polish for the Christmas holiday, like the red nails shown above.

Nail stickers are ideal for you if you love nail art but lack the steadiness or patience to create detailed designs by hand or the budget for a trip to the nail salon.

They allow you to get creative, switch up your nail designs frequently, and are always perfect.

White Christmas Nails and Beyond

White Christmas nail designs offer so many options to celebrate the festive Christmas season with style and sophistication.

And, as a bonus, many of these white Christmas nail designs can be worn well past Christmas throughout the winter season.

I hope these designs inspire you to create your own stunning winter nail look for Christmas and the holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading!

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