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43 Pink and White Nails to Inspire Your Next Manicure

The timeless charm of pink and white nails always captivates, offering an exquisite blend of subtlety and elegance.

Perfect for any occasion and season (especially spring and summer), this versatile color pairing can be mixed in countless ways, from minimalist designs to intricate patterns.

Pink and white nails next to pink and white candies.

So today, let’s take a look at 25 stunning pink and white nails, guaranteed to add a dash of glamour to your look and inspire your next manicure!

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Pink and White Nails

Pink and White Nails on pink sweater sleeve.

This curated selection of designs is a great place to start if you’re looking for a classic and timeless nail look.

If you don’t want to spend extra time and money on your next manicure at your local nail salon, you can purchase all of these nails in pre-made sets.

All are super affordable and easy to customize to create the exact length and shape you prefer!

1. Pink and White Swirls

Pink and white swirl nails.

Image and nail art by @nails_and_beauty_by_daisy

These nails feature a playful mix of bubblegum pink and white, creating a marbled effect. The alternating solid pink and creatively swirled designs on each nail add a touch of fun to the design.

2. Petal Soft

Pink and white flower nails.

These sweet nails have a crisp pink base with overlays decorated with soft white blossoms. The subtle floral accents, paired with bright white nails on each side, evoke a serene garden in bloom. So pretty!

3. Marbled Elegance

Pink, white and gray marble nails.

These nails present a sophisticated blend of powder gray and soft pink hues swirled together in a marble-like pattern. The solid-colored white almond nails complement the intricate, glossy marble effect.

4. Coral Frothy Waves

Coral pink and white waves on long square nails.

These square nails feature a soft coral pink base with crisp white lines moving across like gentle waves. The design is both simple and artistic.

5. Golden Blush Marble

Pink, white, and gold marble nails.

These almond nails are a delicate dance of blush pink and marble white, with golden marbling on two of the nails, adding a touch of luxe to the minimalist design.

6. Pink Heart Charms

Pink and white heart nails.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

A playful and romantic manicure, these almond nails alternate between a vibrant pink and a sweet pink base with delicate bright pink and white hearts. The design is accented by a row of sparkling rhinestones along some of the cuticles. So vivid!

7. Pastel Petals

Pink and white nails art on long square nails.

Image and nail art by @pastelpolished

Delicate and soft, these nails boast a dreamy pastel pink base with fun cream and pink floral and swirl designs. The gentle swirls and petal patterns create a serene and feminine look perfect for the spring season.

8. Swirls and Whirls

Pink and white swirls nails.

Image and nail art by @monika__nails

These pretty nails are a canvas that features a whimsical pink and white swirl design. The smooth gradient transitions and a singular, bold pink nail make this set a stunning piece of nail art. Very elegant.

9. Pink Contrast

White and bright pink nails and dark denim sleeve.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

A striking combination of sharp white and bright pink swirl nails creates a bold statement. The single white nail stands out, while a row of rhinestones injects a touch of sparkle.

10. Sprinkles and Pastels

Pink and white French tip nails.

Image and nail art by @annagasienica_

These almond nails are super sweet, with one nail sprinkled with colorful confetti-like dots and the others showcasing a soft pink canvas. The pink French tips add a fresh, elegant twist to this long almond manicure.

11. Marble Pink Elegance

Pink and white marble nails.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

A fusion of fierce and soft is on display with bright pink and white matte marble nails that command attention. The smooth, swirling patterns paired with solid pink nails offer a touch of modern sophistication to this nail art.

12. Golden Pink Stripes

Pink, white and gold nails.

Image and nail art by @monika__nails

Soft pink nails are given an artistic upgrade with thin, elegant stripes of white and a hint of gold. The precise detailing of these nails provides a luxurious and refined look.

13. Whispers of White

Matte white and pink nails.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

These beautiful nails are all about understated elegance with a soft pearlized finish in pastel pink, accompanied by a dusting of white leafy silhouettes. One finger stands out, completely adorned with a textured pink glitter.

14. Ombre Elegance

Pink and white ombre nails.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

A smooth ombre transitions from pure white to vibrant pink and creates a stunning pearlized effect on these nails. The long, pointed shape adds an extra touch of sophistication.

15. Glittered Charm

Pink and white glitter nails.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

These almond nails are a playful mix of textures and shades, alternating between glossy bright pink, a bright pink base with chunky glitter, full glitter, rhinestones, and a glittery white accent nail.

16. Floral Elegance

Embeliished 3D pink and white flower nails.

These ombre coffin nails are a true work of nail art, featuring a delicate white and pink design with 3D flowers and jewel embellishments that add a touch of luxury.

17. Blossom Beauty

Pink and white flower nails.

Image and nail art by @disseynails

A playful yet chic nail design with pink Frenc tips and charming white flowers that bring a burst of spring to your fingertips. The vivid pink tips add a modern twist to the classic floral pattern.

18. Swirling Sophistication

Pink and white swirl coffin nails.

These striking nails showcase an elegant white and pink abstract swirl design, creating a mesmerizing effect. The combination of soft hues and fluid patterns with the long square shape offers a beautiful look ideal for any occasion.

19. Baby Pink Swirls

Baby Pink Swirl Nails 2

These glossy baby pink nails with thin white swirls have a square nail shape, creating a delicate contrast and a romantic look.

20. Floral Swirls

Flower Swirl Nalis

The classic pink-and-white look is reinvented with this gorgeous flower swirl design.

Swirly curves of white and pink create a beautiful pattern that stands out on short or long nails alike.

21. Almond Swirls

Pink Swirl Almond Nails

These medium-length swirl almond nails can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion or outfit.

22. Swirly French Tips

Swirly Curved French Tip Nails

These swirly and curved French tips combine baby pink and bright pink with white highlights and nude nails for a stunning contrast. The playful, fun, swirly colors remind me of Barbie!

23. Leopard Pink

Leopard Swirl Nails

These white and light pink swirl nails incorporate a touch of leopard print nail art design in their medium-length almond nail shape.

The subtle black and white leopard print adds an extra touch of drama and style.

Short Pink and White Nails

24. Pink and White Leaves

Short White and Pink Nails

These short white and pink nails incorporate beige with black leaves to create a sophisticated addition to the traditional pastel look.

The nail design with pops of black is perfect for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their manicure.

25. Pink and White Mix and Match

Marble Pink Nails

For a mix-and-match design, these mix-and-match marble nails (also shown on the nails at the top of the post) incorporate glitter and an elegant marble pattern to create a modern look.

The addition of glitter gives this short nail design a party-ready touch!

26. Floral Glitter

Pink Flower & White Glitter Nails

For a girly and whimsical design, these pink flower, white, and multi-color glitter nails create a beautiful look on a short nail.

27. Silver Buds

Floral Nail Art Nails

These white and soft pink short nails use glitter, white floral nail art, and rhinestones to create a delicate and feminine look.

28. Minimalist Flowers

Baby Pink Nails

Solid baby pink nails with a tiny white flower nail art design are surrounded by solid white nails. This sweet white and light pink pairing on short nails is perfect for spring and summer.

Ombre Pink and White Nails

29. Pink and White Ombre

Short Ombre Nails

For a classic and understated look, these short ombre nails are a simple and minimalist choice for year-round wear.

30. Pearly Ombre

Pink and White Pearl Ombre Nails

These gradient pink and white ombre nails are decorated with pearl decals and have an almond shape.

The pink acrylic ombre nails are perfect for a special occasion or to add an extra touch of glamour to any look.

French Tips

31. Pink French Tips

Short French Tip Nails

These short French tip nails mix white and light pink instead of the traditional white and nude. It’s a conservative and classic French manicure look that will always be in style.

32. Floral Sparkle

Square French Tip Nails

These square French tip acrylic nails are embellished with rhinestones and flowers that add sparkle to the soft pink base.

33. Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly French Tip Nails

These sweet French tips mix in a butterfly nail, pink hearts, and pink glitter for a playful and flirty design.

34. Heart French Tips

French Tips with Pink Heart Nails

These nude French tips with pink heart designs are just the right amount of sweet and romantic.

The understated heart nail design added to the classic white tip manicure is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

35. French Tip Nail Art

Pink Design French Tip Coffin Nails

These French tip nails mix nude coffin nails with white and pink tips. Each nail gets a different design. These bright nails are perfect for anyone looking to make a (pink) statement with their manicure!

36. Hot Pink Tips

White Nails With Hot Pink Tips

These white nails with hot pink tips flip the French manicure around with a modern design. The bright color at the tips adds just the right pop of drama and style.

Nails With Lines

37. Angular French Tips

White and Pink Glitter Line Nails

These white and pink glitter line nails are a geometric take on a French manicure. The silver glitter lines create a unique modern design, and the pink adds a touch of femininity.

38. Silver Sparks

Square Pink Nails with White Lines

These square pink nails with white lines incorporate silver foil lines and edges for visual interest. The silver nail design with lines adds a modern touch to the soft pink base, and the white lines give the look artistic flair.

Cloud Nails

39. Pink Sky

Pink Cloud Nails

These almond-shape white and pink cloud nails get a boost of glamour with glitter accents.

The soft and delicate cloud pattern on a pink nail base makes a perfect choice if you’re looking to add a touch of whimsy to this oval nail shape.

Hot Pink and White Nails

40. Graffiti Nails

Pink Graffiti Nails

These bright and flashy graffiti nails mix solid colors with wavy-line graffiti art. The neon pink color and unique design create an eye-catching manicure.

41. Almond Hearts

Heart Design Pink Nails

Another set of heart design nails creates a romantic almond nail design. The hearts on the accent nails give this look an extra touch of sweetness.

Coffin Nails with Nail Art

42. Coffin Bows

Pink Bow Coffin Nails

These white and pink coffin nails have a pretty pink base that looks like it’s being wrapped in a bow with a flowing white design.

This look is perfect for a special occasion or just to make a statement with your nails.

43. Spring Daisies

Floral Pink Coffin Nails

These long floral pink coffin nails with white and yellow flower designs are perfect for spring or summer nails. The white floral designs bring a cheerful vibe to any manicure.

A Classic Choice

Pink and white nails are not just a trend. They’re a timeless combination that suits every occasion, season, and personal style.

Whether you opt for a minimalist design or decide to make a bold statement with your manicure, there’s undoubtedly a pink and white nail design that perfectly resonates with your aesthetic.

Remember, your nails are a canvas, and creating the perfect nail design can uniquely reflect your personality, so have some fun with it!

Thanks for reading!

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