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30 Valentines Day Nail Ideas to Inspire Your Next Manicure

Whether you’re planning a special date, a Galentine’s get-together, or simply want to pamper yourself, these 30 Valentine’s Day nail ideas are perfect for adding an extra touch of charm to your February 14th nail look.

30 Valentine's Nails Ideas collage of four Valentine's Day manicures.

Get ready to fall in love with these inspiring Valentine’s nail designs that will make your hands shine at any Valentine’s Day soiree.

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1. Rainbows and Hearts

A rainbow of colors create the French tips on these nails. The red heart stands out against the nude background. Very pretty and colorful!

2. French Hearts

This red French manicure turns the tips of your nails into red hearts. What a playful twist on the more traditional French manicure!

3. French Kisses

Traditional white French tips bookend multi-color lips for a fun and flirty Valentine’s nail design.

4. Pink Glitter

Bright pink glitter French tip nails for Valentines day.

These Valentine nails are long and sculpted into a soft square shape and have a romantic gradient, transitioning from a soft, translucent pink at the base to a vibrant pink glitter towards the tips (reminiscent of a sparkling rosé). Such an elegant Valentine’s Day manicure!

5. Red Almond Love

Deep burgundy long almond nails with one red heart on a neutral nail on the ring finger.

This long, almond manicure will add a sense of sophistication and a modern edge to your nail look. The color scheme is a classic deep red, glossy, and rich, which covers most of the nails.

One nail stands out with a matte neutral base color, adorned with a single, small heart-shaped accent in a matching deep red, subtly celebrating the theme of love.

6. Long Heart Coffin Nails

Pink and red French Tips are capped off by multi-color hearts in this Valentine’s nail manicure. The long coffin design is fun and flirty.

7. Gold and Glamorous

If you want to add some sparkle to your holiday, these red and gold nails are elegant and fun. I think the combination of these two striking colors makes them great for Christmas and New Year’s too!

8. Love

Red hearts and purple "love" on white Valentines day nails.

These Valentine’s nails are painted in white and purple, with the word “love” split across two nails, and the others are adorned with red heart confetti. This is a fun one that can be customized to say whatever your heart desires!

9. XO Hearts

Pink, purple, and blue Valentine's nails.

Image and nail art by @taryns.nails

These Valentine’s nails are a mix of vibrant pinks, blues, and purples, featuring fun designs like heart-shaped gradients, whimsical polka dots, and a charming pair of lips marked with an ‘XO’ for a kiss.

10. Pink Cotton Candy

Multi-shaded pink coffin nails for Valentines Day.

These coffin nails have a soft, candy pink color that softens to a lighter shade of pink on each nail. An ombre effect in total!

The nails are long with a squared-off tip. These longer nails really shine, and you can easily dress them up or down depending on your plans for Valentine’s Day.

11. A Red Heart

White matte nails with red heart.

You might not even know this was a Valentine’s nail design if you missed the thumb! This understated manicure consists of matte white nails, and the thumb has a small red heart at the center.

12. Cupid’s Heart

White almond nails with red heart on ring finger and red thumb nail.

These almond-shaped nails have a sparkling white base, offering a crisp and clean canvas that makes a single, dainty heart in a vivid red hue stand out and add a charming touch of romance to the minimalist design.

13. Red Hearts

Milky white almond anils with a sprinkle of red hearts and cream knit sweater sleeve.

This Valentine’s manicure features a clean, milky white base color. Each nail is adorned with multiple small, heart-shaped designs in a vibrant red. So cute!

14. Hearts and Polka Dots

Red and blue hearts mixed with white polka dots on a nude base give this manicure a fun and playful feel, yet is understated enough to wear any time of the year. This is a great option for those who want a subtle nod to Valentine’s Day without going too over the top.

15. Purple Hearts

Not a drop of pink or red is in sight with this bluish/purple Valentine manicure! You can wear these nails well past Valentine’s Day and really any time of the year!

16. Pastel Hearts

Pretty pastel blue nails are mixed with mini blue hearts on a neutral pink background on these square nails. This look is perfect for you if you don’t love red or if you want a different take on traditional Valentine’s Day colors and designs.

17. Pink Hearts

Gradient pink heart Valentines nails.

These Valentine nails showcase a variety of pink shades, from a soft blush to a deeper rose, creating a harmonious palette of hearts. A sweet pink manicure for any season!

18. Sweetheart Swirls

Pink and black Valentine's heart nails.

These nails feature a playful pink base with a swirl of white and black, creating a charming marble effect. The dainty black heart detail on the two fingers adds a touch of love to this fun and flirty design.

19. Hearts Split in Two

This image showcases a close-up view of a person's hands, revealing a charming nail art design perfect for Valentine's Day.

This charming nail art design is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Each nail is adorned with a small, neatly painted red heart at the center, set against a soft, translucent pink base coat that gives a fresh and feminine appeal.

20. Sparkling Nail Art

Maximal Valentine's Day-themed nail art with matte pink and glittery red textures on long nails. Half of a red glitttery heart on left.

These nails are all about maximal Valentine’s Day-themed nail art, with a mix of matte pink and glittery red textures on long, elegantly shaped nails.

Each nail features a unique design, combining glossy red hearts with delicate white outlines and additional embellishments such as tiny beads and heart-shaped appliqués.

21. Crimson Love Notes

Crimson red nails with the word love written in cursive across two nails.

Image and nail art by @the_nail_girl_lowestoft_

These Valentine’s nails are so cute! They feature a playful mix of solid crimson and soft pink bases, adorned with charming heart French tip accents and the word “love” in elegant white cursive script.

22. Natural Hearts

Pink coffin nails with a single fushia heart on each ring finger.

This manicure is a glossy, blush pink shade in a coffin shape. The ring finger on each hand is highlighted with a touch of whimsy, each bearing a small, bright purple-pink heart near the cuticle for a minimalistic but playful nod to Valentine’s Day.

23. Love For The Minimalist

Matte white polish Valentines nails speckled with subtle grey flecks, with the ring finger displaying the word "LOVE" along the outer length of the nail.

Want white nails for Valentine’s Day? These nails are painted in a matte white polish speckled with subtle grey flecks, reminiscent of a gentle snowfall or a starry sky.

One nail stands out as it is elegantly inscribed with the word “LOVE” in a simple black font, serving as a minimalist, modern, and romantic manicure.

24. Cookie Pink

Pink, white and dark pink Valentines nails with nail art in front of a pink heart cookie.

These “sweet” Valentine’s nails are painted in varying shades of pink, from a soft, pastel pink to a vibrant, hot pink, with two nails accentuated by a tiny white flower detail near the base. This manicure would be beautiful during the summer months, too!

25. Pink and Red Swirls

If you don’t love hearts, these pink and red swirl nails are a great alternative. The swirling design adds an abstract touch to the nails, while still incorporating the Valentine’s Day color scheme.

26. Love You

The word "love" inscribed on the middle nail of pink and white almond nails.

These elegant almond nails are pale pink and white with glitter on a few of the nails. The accent nail is a sweet proclamation, with “Love” inscribed in a flowing script. I love the minimal design.

27. Almond Hearts

Pink hearts and white polka dots give these almond nails a playful and feminine touch to a more natural nail base.

28. Hearts and French Tips

Shades of red, pink, and white create a Valentine’s French tip manicure. The ring finger stands out with its cute multi-shaded heart.

29. Amor

White nails with the word "AMOR" written letter by letter across four nails. Hand holding pink flower.

Want to try something different? These nails feel like somewhat anti-Valentines Day until you read the writing. Each nail is boldly lettered with a black font spelling out “AMOR,” which is the Spanish word for love. The punk rock Valentine’s manicure.

30. Green Love

Purple and green heart nails for Valentines Day.

The vibrant matte fuchsia, purple shade of this manicure is offset by the accent nails. These nails have a playful design with concentric hearts in shades of green, white, and pink, creating a visually striking contrast with the solid color of the other nails. Something a little different for the Valentine’s holiday – a hint of spring greenery!

There you have it! Hope you found a nail design to try for your Valentine’s Day manicure. Thanks for reading!

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