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30 Stunning Glitter Eyeshadow Looks To Ring In The New Year

Whether you love makeup or just looking to spice up your beauty routine, these glitter eyeshadow looks are your ticket to elevating your style with a touch of sparkle.

From the subtle shimmer of a day eyeshadow look to the bold statement of a night out, shimmer eye makeup is a versatile tool in your makeup arsenal that can transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

30 Stunning Glitter Eyeshadow Looks collage of four glittery eyeshadow makeup looks.

We’ll explore various shades – from multi-colored show-stoppers and elegant golds to playful pinks and mystical purples and blues – each bringing its unique flavor to your makeup palette.

I created this beauty edit of glitter eye makeup styles to inspire you to experiment with your own creativity and make your eyes the star of the show!

Glitter Eyeshadow Looks for Effortless Elegance

1. Sweeping Glitter Fusion

Pink and blue glitter eyeshadow look.

This beautiful makeup look displays a pop of vibrant blue eyeshadow on the lid that transitions into a deep pink towards the crease, both hues enhanced with a sprinkle of blue glitter that sweeps along the arch of the eyelid. Gorgeous!

2. Galactic Shimmer

Gold, blue and purple glittery shadow look.

A deep yellow transitions to deep purple under the eye and brings in shades of blue across the upper lid, finishing with a rich purple towards the outer edge.

A shimmering silver glitter overlay completes this glittery eyeshadow look. It adds dimensional sparkle to the blue eyeshadow.

3. Bronze Sparkle

Side view of bronze glitter eyeshadow and liner on a bright blue eye.

The copper-toned glitter eyeshadow sparkles with every fleck, creating a textured and vibrant look that has warm hues and dramatic lines.

4. Multi-Hue Sparkle

Rainbow glitter eyeshadow look.

This glittery makeup look is a dazzling display of multi-colored eyeshadow featuring an explosion of hues, including blue, pink, and gold, that sweep outwards from the center.

The vivid colors create a gradient effect that is intensified by a concentrated pop of deep blue at the lash line. Completing this striking look are dramatic false lashes adorned with some of the glittering eyeshadow.

5. Aqua Brilliance

Aqua and gold glittery eyeshadow on a pale blue eye.

This stunning eye makeup features a blend of aqua and gold sparkly eyeshadow, creating a soft, alluring look. The combination of colors accentuates the eye’s natural beauty, enhanced by meticulously applied mascara for minimally defined lashes.

6. Golden Line

Matte burgundy eyeshadow with gold glitter at the lash line.

The rich, matte burgundy eyeshadow in this look creates a sultry base, highlighted by a bold stroke of gold glitter eyeliner along the upper lash line that extends into a dramatic wing.

7. Whisp of Gold

Golden glitter eyeshadow on a green eye.

This golden eyeshadow base is softly dusted with fine, holographic glitter, creating a subtle yet beautiful sparkle around the edges.

8. Silver Sparkle and Black Wings

Dramatic winged silver and black eyeshadow and liner makeup look.

Can you say DRAMA? The winged eyeliner is embellished with a row of rhinestones, creating a striking and glamorous glitter effect. The bold, black eyeliner really makes the rhinestones pop!

9. Vibrant Pigmentation

Multi-shaded glitter eyeshadow on closed eye.

This wavy eyeshadow look blends a bold spectrum of shades from a bright red close to the brow line to a deep purple and then a shimmering blue across the lid. The eyeshadow has a glittery finish that catches the light, emphasizing the rich pigmentation and smooth color transition.

10. Smoky Dimension

Purple, blue and silver glitter eyeshadow on closed eye with false lashes.

This smoky blend of purple eyeshadow has a shimmering, glitter-infused finish that gives depth and dimension to the eyelid.

The outer corner of the eye is darkened with a deeper shade, creating a classic smoky effect, while the center of the lid catches the light with a silvery-blue sparkle. The false lashes really make this eyeshadow look pop.

11. Golden Burgundy

Burgundy and glod glitter eyeshadow with finger applying more gold eyeshadow.

This eye makeup look features a deep, rich burgundy hue that sweeps beyond the eye edged with a precise line of the same color around the eye. The look is highlighted by a striking sweep of gold eyeshadow across the lid, adding a warm, luxurious, and dramatic contrast to the burgundy.

12. Cosmic Shimmer

Multi-color glitter and black and purple eyeliner framing a light brown eye.

Purple eyeshadow is capped with a sparkling, multi-colored glitter overlay, extending into a dramatic winged shape. A beautiful look for brown eyes!

13. Pink and Silver Jewels

Pink and silver glitter eyeshadow look.

This eye makeup look features bright pink eyeshadow adorned with an array of pink glitter, creating a jeweled effect from the outer corner to the middle of the lid.

The bold colors are complemented by a delicate line of silver glitter along the lower lash line, adding a whimsical touch to this vibrant and textured eyeshadow look.

14. Peach-Pink Explosion

Pink and black glittery eyeshadow framing the eye.

This standout makeup look combines deep pink and black eyeshadow for a dramatic effect. Bold, peach-pink feather-like lashes and cascading glitter accentuate the look.

The eyeliner is an electric shade of peach-pink, framing the eye with a sparkling outline that creates a theatrical and vivid effect.

15. Striking Red

Metallic red and gold glitter eyeshadow on eye with long lashes.

A vibrant, metallic red glitter eyeshadow boldly covers the eyelid, paired with a shimmering gold on the lower lash line for a striking contrast. The red glitter really makes this look pop.

16. Purple Touch

Half purple glitter eyeshadow on a brown eye. Minimal glittery eyeshadow look.

A touch of purple glitter eyeshadow covers half of the lid and extends slightly past the outer corner, adding a playful and textured look. The rest of the eye makeup is kept minimal to let the glitter stand out.

17. Mosaic of Gemstones

Mosaic of multi-faceted rhinestones in shades of purple, gold, and orange, meticulously placed over a golden eyeshadow base. Winged eye makeup look.

This luxurious mosaic of multi-faceted rhinestones in shades of purple, gold, and orange, meticulously placed over a golden eyeshadow base creates a rich, jeweled effect. A sleek black and gold eyeliner adds definition to this over-the-top glamorous look.

18. Golden Touch

Gold glittery eyeshadow in the center of the eyelid of a blue eye.

This soft and elegant eye makeup look has an understated swipe of metallic gold eyeshadow across the middle of the eyelid, giving a luxurious sheen to the eyeshadow look. The look is refined and understated, perfect for natural-looking lashes.

19. Bold Bronze Flakes

Chunky gold flakes add dimension and texture over a smoky brown base and eyeliner arched on eyelid.

This bold, glittery eyeshadow look features chunky gold flakes that add dimension and texture over a smoky brown base. The makeup is expertly defined by a sleek, winged eyeliner and liner arched at the top of the lid for an extra dramatic flair.

20. Sparkly Seduction

Silver and purple glitter eyeshadow look.

This elegant eyeshadow look is a dazzling display of glam and shimmer. It features a gradient of silvery glitter that transitions into a soft purple hue at the edges. The glitter particles vary in size, adding depth and dimension to the look.

21. Warmth and Glimmer

Brone and gold glitter eye makeup look on a closed eye.

This golden eye makeup look is a gradient of warmth, starting with a deep, matte sunset burgundy at the outer corner that seamlessly transitions into a radiant gold at the center of the lid. The look is defined by a bronze glittery eyeliner near the lash line to make it pop.

22. Purple Glamour

Metallic purple eyeshadow that blends to a deep gray on eye.

A vivid, metallic purple eyeshadow rich in texture and shimmer is the standout feature of this glitter eye makeup, accented by deep brown eyeshadow closer to the brow bone. The eye is further defined by matching purple glitter eyeliner along the waterline.

23. Brilliant Blue

Blue glitter eyeshadow look on brown eyes.

The bold, blue glitter eyeshadow captures light and attention, set against a smooth, black base. The blue and black create a stunning contrast.

24. Olive Luster

Metallic green and brown eyeshadow on brown eye.

The striking, metallic green eyeshadow gives a radiant shimmer to the lid, complementing the rich brown eyes. Perfect during the fall or any time of the year!

25. Green Ombre

Emarld green glittery eyeshadow on closed eye.

The deeply pigmented, shimmery eyeshadow with shades of emerald green blend into dark blue at the outer edges. The intense colors are paired with black mascara, which enhances the sparkle of the shadow.

26. Azure Allure

Blue, pink, and bronze glitter eyeshadow look.

This glitter eye makeup look stands out above and beneath the eye. Blue and pink shadows merge together and are met with a bold splash of blue liner along the waterline. Delicate flecks of bronze glitter are sprinkled along the lower lashes, catching the light and adding a dreamy sparkle to the overall effect.

27. Silver Line

Bright light silver glitter on the eyelash line and deep purple gray eyeshadow on the eyelids.

This bold eyeshadow look, features a gradient of deep purple that transitions into a sparkling silver on the eyelid and inner corner of the eye.

28. Pastel Dream

Multi-color eyeshadow look of pastel glittery eyeshadow. Brown eye angled downward.

This eye makeup look is a dazzling fusion of colors, with a gradient of sparkling pink glitter that merges into a shimmering aqua at the outer edges of the eye. A bold blue shimmer lines the lower lash line, adding a pop of vibrant color that contrasts beautifully with the pastel tones above.

29. Silver Wing

Glittery silver eyeshadow and a deep gray winged eye liner look.

The sparkly silver eyeshadow extends from the lash line to the crease, giving this eyeshadow look a bright, metallic glittery sheen. The eyeshadow is applied with a smoky effect, softly diffusing at the edges to create a winged look.

30. Purple Haze

White lines and purple glitter eyeshadow on closed eye.

This eyeshadow look showcases a fun design with a metallic purple eyeshadow as the standout feature, accented by a crisp, white graphic line that curves above the crease and a dark, bold eyeliner below.