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20 Fall Ombre Nails

As the weather gets cooler and the seasons change from summer to fall, it’s time to embrace autumn’s enchanting color palette not just in our wardrobes but on our nails too!

Welcome to my Fall Ombre Nails Guide, where we explore the magic of gradient hues inspired by autumn’s vibrant shades.

Red and black fall ombre nail with red sweater background.

From the warm tones of fallen leaves to the cool twilight shades of an autumn sky, these fall ombre nail designs allow you to experiment with color, texture, and glitter for a truly unique nail look.

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Fall Ombre Nails

If you love any of the following ombre nail looks but don’t want to try to DIY them yourself or have to spend extra for a manicure, you can buy most of the nails on Amazon. They’re really affordable too!

Nude Olive Green Ombre Nails

These pretty nude to muted olive green ombre nails are perfect for fall. They have a squoval shape and a medium length.

Orange Blue Gradient Nails

These gorgeous orange-blue gradient nails mix multiple shades of fall colors to create striking abstract nail art. The short oval, glossy length is so versatile, making them perfect for everyday wear.

The warm fall shades make this a classic fall nail design.

Gray to Black Ombre Nails

This long gray-to-black ombre design has glitter on the tips and rectangular rhinestones on some of the nails, creating truly eye-catching nail art.

Black to Green Ombre Nails

Another fun ombre nail design for fall is this set of black-to-green nails. The glossy coffin shape creates a bold statement, yet the ombre shading offers a subtle transition.

Short Purple Ombre Nails

These short purple ombre nails have muted shades of purple. The fun glossy ombre nail art is perfect for when the weather gets cooler. The purple shades look gorgeous on short nails.

Navy Blue Glitter Ombre Nails

If you love the color blue, these navy blue glitter nails use glitter to create the ombre design. The deeper shade of blue of these coffin nails works well with the rich shades of autumn.

Square Matte Red Black Ombre Nails

A shorter take on red and black nails, these square matte nails use a subtle ombre effect to create a deep, moody look. Perfect for any fall event!

Pink to Red Ombre Nails

These pink to deep red gradient nails have a square shape and glossy finish. The ombre effect creates an edgy yet feminine look for the fall season that pairs well with most looks and occasions.

Such a fun ombre red French manicure!

Blue to Black Coffin Ombre Nails

These aqua blue to black coffin nails get a boost from just the right touch of glitter to create a flashy ombre look.

The bright aqua-blue shade stands out against the black and offsets the otherwise dark nails. They would look amazing with any denim look.

Pink Ombre Ballerina Nails

For a more feminine look, I love these pink ombre ballerina nails (also shown on my nails at the bottom of the post). With a matte finish, the pink nail colors range from light pink to deep mauve pink. Gorgeous!

Gray Brown Ombre Coffin Nails

These gray-brown ombre coffin nails create a beautiful muted accent to any fall outfit. Each nail is embellished with a rhinestone to add some sparkle and glamour.

The subtle color gradient creates an understated manicure that is perfect for anyone who loves a more neutral look.

Glossy Black Ombre Nails

An ombre black take on a French tip manicure, these medium-length glossy nails are perfect for a classic look with a modern twist.

The black ombre tips add an edgy element to the otherwise traditional nail design.

Pumpkin Ombre Nails

If you want a fun Halloween ombre mani, these pumpkin and black gradient nails with moons and stars have a stiletto shape, making them look very similar to candy corn!

Halloween Ombre Nails

This Halloween ombre nail look blends nude and black with Halloween-inspired cobweb and smokey marble nail designs to create a neutral yet fun Halloween look.

Red Black Gold Ombre Nails

This red and black ombre nail design almost looks like precious stones with glittery gold veining running throughout. The medium stiletto shade isn’t too long, so they’re a little more practical for daily wear.

Nude to Red Ombre Nails

These nude-to-red gradient nails have black French tips, perfect for the fall season, instead of the traditional white-tipped French manicure. The short square shape creates a minimalistic and modern look, great for everyday wear.

Pink to Purple Ombre Nails

For a more neutral nail design, these pale pink to purple ombre nails are short and square. They’re super glossy and chic.

Pink with Gold Lines Ombre Nails

If you love a little flashy nail art, these pink gradient acrylic nails are embellished with pearl and rhinestone accents. Thin gold lines are added for extra drama, and the result is a statement-making look.

The cool shades of these nails give off a calming autumn vibe – perfect for the season!

Red and Black Ombre Nails

For a bolder ombre manicure, these red and black nails have ombre shading and are coffin-shaped: perfect for Halloween!

Orange Almond Ombre Nails

These medium-length glossy almond nails bring in the warm orange shades of the autumn season with their nude-to-golden-orange gradient.

The almond shape of the ombre manicure is the perfect length for everyday wear.

Ombre Nail Polish

Color Changing Nail Polish

For a different take on ombre nails, this color-changing nail polish is such a fun concept.

The nail polish turns a lighter color when it’s warm, and a darker shade when it’s cool – so you can have your nails change colors with the temperature!

Please note that this gel nail polish must be cured and dried under a UV/LED lamp and needs to be used with a gel base and top coat, so it isn’t as simple as applying a single coat and seeing the transformation.

The longer the nails, the better the ombre effect you’ll get. There are many different shades to experiment with, and they have pretty good reviews too.


Here’s an affordable UV LED lamp and top and bottom coat set.

This looks so fun. Let me know if you’ve tried this type of nail polish!

Press on pink ballerina fall ombre nail on right hand with dark mauve sweater sleeve.

Fall Ombre Nail Designs

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with dynamic ombre nail designs! Whether you prefer muted hues or bold, flashy nail art, ombre nails can be your go-to look this season.

And if you really want a customized look, try the color-changing ombre gel nail polish. You can customize your fall mani even further!

Thanks for reading! 💅🏻✨