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31 Bright Summer Nails To Try In 2024

Bright summer nails are the season’s must-have accessory, ready to turn heads with their vivid color palettes. Bright summer nails are not just a trend – they’re a celebration of sunny days and warm nights.

31 must-try bright summer nails collage.

From the sparkling sands of the beach to the vivid hues of a summer sunset, I’ve curated a collection that captures the essence of the season:

1. Bright French Tips

Bright summer nails with multi-color tips.

Image and nail art by @disseynails

These long summer nails are painted in a dazzling selection of summer tones, with each nail showcasing a unique shade and offsetting French tip. The arrangement of colors forms a vibrant rainbow, perfect for sunny days and warm nights.

2. Summer Swirls

Bright swirl summer nails.

Image and nail art by @disseynails

Colorful swirls dance on bright backgrounds, bringing to mind the playful ribbons of a summer carnival. Each almond-shaped nail tells its own story with a unique swirl pattern, creating a fun and statement-making look.

3. Azure Sky

Bright blue summer nails.

Image and nail art by @disseynails

A tranquil azure blue coats each almond nail, reminding me the beautiful blue sky of a perfect summer day. The solid color presents a clean and crisp look, offering a stunning display of the bright palette of the season.

4. Summer Vibes

Summer vibes purple bright summer nails.

These long nails are a canvas for the bright hues of a tropical sunset, complete with silhouetted palm trees and “Summer Vibes” written on the index finger nail. A gradient of purple to yellow creates a mini vacation on your fingertips.

5. Striped Sorbet

Bright striped almond nails for summer.

These beautiful nails havestripes of pastel and neon colors along the length of each white nail with a touch of glitter thrown in for good measure. This design combines the sweetness of summer treats with the boldness of neon fashion.

6. Summer Moons

Half moon bright summer nails almond-shaped.

Image and nail art by @disseynails

Colorful shades form delicate half-moon shapes on each nail, creating a soft yet striking effect. The combination of muted and bright colors creates a modern twist with this almond manicure.

7. Hot Pink Waves

Pink swirl bright summer nails.

Image and nail art by @monika__nails

Vibrant pink waves ripple across a white background, giving the impression of movement and fluidity. The design is perfect for those looking to make a bold summer statement and looks great with denim!

8. Glittered Groove

Bright summer nail art on almond nails.

This nail art features a vibrant mix of hot pink, tangerine, golden yellow and sparkling confetti and glitter, creating a look that’s as festive as a summer party. The fun patterns and glitter accents catch the light and draw the eye. Love it!

9. Watermelon Glow

Watermelon and gold bright summer nails.

Image and nail art by @monika__nails

Bold neon watermelon meets shimmering gold in a design that’s like of a slice of juicy watermelon. The nails alternate between solid watermelon and vibrant pink and red color with glittering gold, adding a touch of glamour to the fun design.

10. Neon Swirl

Bright neon swirl summer nails.

A whirlpool of neon hues swirl together, creating an electrifying effect that will stand out. The bright colors swirl in a pattern that’s chaotic and mesmerizing, like a neon light show. I love these colors, especially with the glitter effect!

11. Purple Gaze

Bright purple eye nail art summer nails.

A striking purple base serves as the backdrop that surrounds an intricate blue eye design with long eyelashes, complete with a yellow golden tip accent that mimics the glint of sunlight. This nail art is so striking, especially with the vibrancy of summer colors.

12. Sparkle Splash

Neon nail art bright summer nails.

A dazzling selection of neon colors splashes across each nail, where are topped with with a sprinkling of silver glitter that captures the carefree fun of summer festivities. These nails are giving me major 80s vibes!

13. Geometric Rainbow

Bright geometric outlines summer nails.

Image and nail art by @disseynails

Sharp geometric shapes in a kaleidoscope of red, white, blue and neon yellow hues create a striking contrast against the natural nail base. This design is a bold statement that wraps each nail in a stunning geometric pattern.

14. Ombre Sunset

Square and colorful bright summer nails.

Image and nail art by @amanda.sudolll

Smooth gradients of orange and red mimic the warm glow of a summer sunset, transitioning seamlessly into a bright, luminous yellow. Purple melts into pink and neon lime green melts into sunny neon yellow.

15. Geometric Scribbles

Bright summer nail art on almond-nails.

Soft yet colorful tones are arranged in a puzzle-like pattern, creating a whimsical design. This playful array of shapes offers a subtle nod to summer leisure.

16. Tropical Flair

Neon nail art on bright summer nails.

Bright almond nails are complemented by nail art and sparkling glitter, reminiscent of tropical flowers and summer sunsets. The artistic flourishes add a touch of elegance to the bright, bold colors.

17. Tangerine Dream

Orange flower bright summer nails.

Image and nail art by @monika__nails

Vivid orange nails create a bold backdrop for a delicate nail art on one accent nail, featuring a floral pattern in orange, white and black tones. This design combines the zest of summer citrus with the brightness of summer blooms.

18. Oceanic Glitter

Orange red and blue bright summer nails.

Image and nail art by @nails_by_annabel_m

A duo of bright reddish orange and deep blue nails mix with swirls and blue glitter which reminds me of the shimmer of the ocean under the sun. These nails would be perfect for the 4th of July!

19. Bright Water Marble

Bright multi-color short nails for summer.

Short nails with thin bright horizontal water warmbling offers a sweet twist on the classic summer stripe. The swirl of vibrant colors against a white base is so playful, perfect for sunny days.

20. Neon Cow Print

Neon green summer nails.

Lime green spots splashed over a white base give a fresh, bold take on the cow print trend. This unexpected pattern is a fun and quirky ode to the adventurous side of summer. I like the medium length, too.

21. Rainbow French Tips

Bright rainbow French tip square nails for summer.

These short, square nails feature a playful twist on the classic French manicure with a pastel pink base and a vibrant spectrum of rainbow colors on the tips. Perfect for summer, their bright and colorful edges give off a cheerful vibe.

22. Floral Fantasy

Bright summer flower nail art.

A pretty mix of pastel and neon hues forms the base for intricate flower designs and French tips on these long almond-shaped nails. The soft background and vivid accents make them the perfect choice for the sunny season.

23. Watermelon Essence

Red watermelon nail art for summer.

Emulating the refreshing essence of watermelon, these short almond nails have a juicy pink/red hue complemented with black seed-like speckles over a soft white base. The playful design captures the essence of one of my favorite summer fruits.

24. Neon Splash

Neon nail art in pink, green, and yellow on bright summer nails.

These long almond nails are a festival of neon shades with patterns ranging from waves and swirls to glittery accents, showcasing an electric mix of pink, yellow, and turquoise. They are a bold statement, ideal for those who love to stand out with a pop of color.

25. Flamingo Stilettos

Flamingo pink and blue bright summer stiletto nails.

These super sharp stiletto nails are painted in hot pink and purple shades, with the middle nails detailed with a graceful flamingo design on a blue base. The nail art is embellished with rhinestones for an extra dash of glam.

26. Summer Smiles

Bright summer manicure and nail art.

Image and nail art by @disseynails

Charming smiley faces in fun bright colors sit are complemented with nails with flowered, checkered and swirly backgrounds, giving these nails a playful and nostalgic feel.

27. Green Artistry

Bright green summer nails.

Image and nail art by @nails_by_annabel_m

Combining a minimalist aesthetic with bold green patterns, these nails remind me of modern art. The sleek design is punctuated with flowers and swirls, creating a bright, eye-catching look.

28. Candy Coated

Bright jelly nails for summer.

Long, sharp nails are dipped in a delicious array of candy-inspired colors, each with a different flavor of vibrant tones. The glossy finish and bold hues make these nails a sweet treat.

29. Colorful Splatter

Bright paint splatter square summer nails.

The nails are a swirl of neon colors, creating a retro dripping paint pattern full of movement and life. Their bright, flowing design seems to dance on the ballerina nails.

30. Lollipop Party

Colorful purple, yellow, red, green, and pink swirl summer nails.

A soft pink glossy finish lays the foundation for a playful mix of bright colors and quirky swirl patterns on these almond nails. They remind me of those bright circular rainbow lollipops! 🍭

31. Colorful Brushstrokes

Bright paintbrush summer nails.

Soft colorful shades with a pop of bright yellow are brushed gently across a translucent base, creating a delicate watercolor effect on these squared nails. Perfect for summer!