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32 Stunning Blue Nail Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure

From the softest pastels to the deepest navy hues, there’s a blue nail design for every mood and occasion.

32 Must-Try blue nail designs collage.

Whether you’re looking for a simple splash of color or intricate patterns and embellishments, my curated collection offers something unique for every nail art enthusiast. Get ready to be inspired and find your next favorite manicure among these beautiful blue beauties:

1. Azure Smoke

Blue dragon almond nails.

Image and nail art by @sansungnails

These gorgeous almond nails are long and glossy, sporting a marbled design resembling swirling blue smoke shades. The hues of blue transition from a deep sapphire to a lighter sky blue, creating an elegant and fluid appearance.

2. Cobalt Waves

Blue swirl almond nails.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

These vibrant cobalt blue almond nails have a velvety matte finish, contrasted by shimmering, wavy patterns in a lighter blue and white that give them a dynamic and textured look. So vivid!

3. Chrome Pearls

Blue French tip nails with pearl accents.

Image and nail art by @thehotblend

This beautiful French tip design combines a sheer nude base with bold, chrome blue tips, accented by small white pearls on each nail.

4. Sophisticated Shimmer

Silver and blue nails.

Image and nail art by @monika__nails

These almond nails are painted in alternating shades of soft pink and cool gray blue, with one accent nail covered in fine silver glitter. The sophisticated color palette is enhanced by the shorter length and almond nail shape.

5. Galactic Sparkle

Blue glitter almond nails.

Image and nail art by @taryns.nails

These stunning nails dazzle with a deep blue base that is covered with sparkling glitter, creating a cosmic effect that mimics a starry night sky. You’ll definitely be making a statement with these blue nails.

6. Daisy Delight

Navy matte flower nails.

Image and nail art by @monika__nails

The matte blue finish is a serene backdrop for the delicate white daisies with yellow centers that adorn each nail. The floral design adds a playful and charming touch to the otherwise sophisticated matte texture.

7. Royal Rhinestones

Matte blue nails with rhinestones.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

These rich, electric blue long nails have a matte finish, and each is adorned at the base with a crescent of tiny pink rhinestones. I love the luxurious sparkle that makes these nails a statement piece!

8. Nature Chic

Blue nail art on almond nails.

Image and nail art by @ewiloving.nails

These rounded almond-shaped blue nails are a canvas of artistry, with a few nails painted in a smooth matte blue, while the others have intricate designs of white and silver, resembling delicate leaves and branches.

9. Cloud Nine

Blue and white cloud nails.

Image and nail art by @jen_nailsaddicted

I can’t get enough of cloud nails! These blue nails present a playful sky scene with a clear base and whimsical blue and white cloud patterns. The nail art captures the light-hearted essence of a sunny day, with fluffy clouds drifting across a clear blue sky.

10. Marble Majesty

Blue and white marble nails.

An elegant marble effect with swirls of navy blue and white are accented with gold flecks that elevate the overall look of this blue nail design. The sophisticated marble pattern paired with the glossy finish gives these nails a luxurious vibe.

11. Aquatic Blue

Almond aqua blue nails.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

The stunning aqua-blue color of these long almond nails is reminiscent of tropical waters. Splashes of white across each nail resemble sea foam or coral patterns, bringing a touch of the ocean right to your fingertips.

12. Dual-Color Charm

Multi-shaded blue nails.

Image and nail art by @thehotblend

These almond nails have a stylish dual-tone effect with a nude base transitioning into a striking blue tip. The clean lines and contrast between the soft nude and the blue shade give these nails a modern and chic look.

13. Winter Wonderland

Blue and pink snowflake nail art.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

Vibrant royal blue nails serve as a canvas for delicate glittery snowflakes, creating a perfect winter theme. The pink nails stand out against the blue snowflakes, offering a festive and cheerful vibe, ideal for the holiday season or a snowy winter day.

14. Pastel Petals

Blue daisy nails.

Image and nail art by @sansungnails

The soft, translucent base, with pastel blue and white floral patterns, is offset by blue and white polka-dot bikini tops. I think this is one of the cutest nail designs I’ve ever seen!

15. Blue Tips

Aquarius blue nails.

Image and nail art by @sansungnails

Elegant nails with a sheer pink base are crowned with vibrant blue tips, each tip adorned with a beautiful metallic design. The contrast between the subtle base and the bold tips creates a striking and feminine look.

16. Eye-Catching Azure

Blue nail art on nude nails.

Image and nail art by @jen_nailsaddicted

A transparent base serves as the backdrop for intricate blue patterns and an eye motif on each nail, which is a symbol of protection and wisdom. The detailed artistry and striking blue tones make this set a conversation piece for sure.

17. Sweetheart Sky

Pale blue heart nails.

Image and nail art by @thehotblend

A nude heart is outlined by baby blue on the ringer finger, offering a soft and romantic touch. The almond shape of the nails adds to the overall femininity of the design of these blue French tip nails.

18. Floral Cornflower

Cornflower blue nails with nail art.

These mid-length almond nails are adorned with a serene cornflower blue, complemented by a couple of accent nails featuring delicate blue floral patterns. The soft pastel tones and the subtle floral art create a calm and elegant manicure.

19. Cerulean Chic

Blue marble nails.

Image and nail art by @lillypalm__

Each nail is different in this fun blue manicure. The bold cerulean blue tips of the middle finger are contrasted against a neutral base and pale blue crescent near the cuticle. Some nails also feature abstract blue marble designs, adding an artistic flair to the classic style.

20. Butterfly Elegance

Blue butterfly square nails.

Image and nail art by @the_nail_girl_lowestoft_

These gorgeous nails present a striking contrast, with some painted in a vibrant royal blue and others in a soft pink shade. The pink nails are beautifully adorned with intricate blue butterfly designs, while the ring finger has a blue French tip.

21. Stellar Blue

Short blue glitter flower nails.

These short nails feature a deep blue glitter that resembles a starry night, interspersed with a couple of accent nails with white bases showcasing single blue flowers. Just lovely!

22. Sweetheart Blue

Blue heart nails.

Image and nail art by @nails_and_beauty_by_daisy

Cute and playful, these short nails are bright blue with a single nude nail in the middle. The nude nail is adorned with two tiny blue hearts, while the ring finger has a larger nude heart. The simplicity of the design is elevated by the pop of color.

23. Blossom Blue

Blue flower nails.

Image and nail art by @nails_and_beauty_by_daisy

This striking bright blue floral nail design features blue flowers, creating a fresh and floral look. The vibrant blue makes a statement, while the floral designs add a touch of spring charm.

24. Fluttering Beauty

Blue butterfly French tip nails.

These nails present a lovely shift from pale pink to soft blue angled tips, with some nails adorned with delicate blue butterfly accents. The perfect spring or summer manicure!

25. Ombre Elegance

Ombre blue almond nails.

Image and nail art by @pegi_nails

Showcasing a sophisticated ombre effect, these nails blend from a pearly white to a serene blue. The long almond shape is stunning!

26. Delft Blue

Blue glitter nails with blue and white design.

These blue nails are reminiscent of classic Delft blue pottery, with a couple of nails showcasing intricate white floral patterns on a rich blue background. The other nails are painted in the same bright blue, adorned with glitter that adds a modern twist to the traditional design.

27. Minimalist Swirls

Short blue and white swirl nails.

A minimal take on nail art, these short square nails feature a clean, white base with thin, wavy, muted blue swirls. The minimalist design is both modern and chic, offering a subtle nod to the blue theme.

28. Navy Elegance

Silver and blue short nails. Denim background.

This elegant nail design pairs a deep yet muted navy shade with sparkling silver. Some nails are coated in solid navy, others in silver glitter, and a few feature sophisticated white and navy swirls. A fun blue nail design for short nails!

29. Icy Shimmer

Icy blue multi-color nails.

A gradient of white to icy blue adorns these oval nails, accented by one nail completely covered in brilliant aqua-blue glitter. This design combines the subtlety of the ombre effect with a touch of sparkle, ideal for those cold days of winter.

30. Midnight Sparkle

Blue almond glitter nails.

These almond nails are painted in a deep blue hue, dusted with a galaxy-like sparkle. The shimmering glitter over the bold blue creates a striking look that reminds me of a clear night sky blanketed with stars.

31. Classic Cobalt

Short bright blue nails. Dried flowers in background.

These short nails are coated in a vibrant cobalt blue with a shiny finish. The bold, uniform color gives a classic and chic vibe.

32. Aqua Accents

Aqua blue French tip manicure.

This blue manicure adds a creative twist to the classic French tip style with a vibrant aqua-blue color bordering the edge of most nails. The ring finger stands out with a delicate swirl pattern and a pair of tiny rhinestones, adding a glamorous touch to the overall design.

Kathy Harris

Saturday 13th of April 2024

I've always loved blue nail polish! Back in the Seventies, my first bottle was Calico Blue. Pretty sure it was Sally Hansen. Now, I love darker blues. I have a few, but rarely seem to have time to paint my nails!