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25 Fun Nail Designs With Lines

Welcome to the world of nail art, where nail designs with lines add a fun layer of dimension to your nails.

Whether you prefer subtle lines or bold geometric designs, there is an endless array of line-based looks to choose from.

Press on pink nails with pastel lines over pink sweater sleeve.

To help you find the perfect line-based design, here are some of the best nail designs with lines to inspire your next manicure:

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25 Nail Designs with Lines

From simple linear patterns to intricate swirls, the sky is the limit when it comes to nail art.

It doesn’t matter if you aim for a subtle look or more daring designs; these nail designs with lines will help you achieve the style you’re looking for.

Creating complex nail designs at home can be quite difficult unless you are skilled at nail art. That’s where these press-on nails come into play.

All available at Amazon, these nail sets with line designs offer a simple alternative to a typical manicure or plain nail polish without having to rely on advanced nail art techniques:

Press on almond nails with blue, pink, green and gold glittery swirly lines.

If you love colorful nails, these bright swirly nails are for you. The medium-length almond nails are covered in pink, blue, green, and gold glittery swirls that look like candy.

Press On Medium Almond Nude Black Line Design Nails

These medium-length nude almond nails are embellished with black artistic lines that create the shape of a woman’s face and body.

The beauty of this nail art design lies in its minimalist execution. Using only thin lines, the nail artist achieves a complex look without overpowering the nails.

Press on square French tip nails with blue and black lines.

These medium-length square French tip line nails have royal blue and black lines on a traditional French manicure base for a more dramatic look.

The thick black line and thinner royal blue line provide a bold contrast that will make your manicure stand out.

Press on pink nails with pastel lines.

These medium-length pink nails (also shown longer on my nails at the top of the post) are the perfect canvas for the pastel lines that embellish each nail. The colorful line design stands out against the matte finish.

Press On Sharp Tip White and Black French tip nails with gold, white, and black lines.

These sharp almond nails mix white and black French tips with white, black, and gold lines.

A few of the nails are embellished with rhinestones, giving the manicure an extra sparkle and glamour.

Press On Short Square Nails with brightly colored curves with black outlines.

These short square nails with colorful curves and black outlines will add a whimsical and bright touch of color to your look.

Press On short white and black nails with think geometric lines.

These short matte white and black nails with thin geometric lines create a contemporary, eye-catching design.

The multi-line design gives the nails a modern edge while also staying true to the minimalist nail art design. Reminds me of the 1980s!

Press on gold line moon coffin nails.

These gorgeous gold moon coffin nails combine neutral nails with gold lines and dots that curve around the nails for a fun celestial effect.

A few of the nails even have rhinestones to create an extra sparkle. The long nails create a more dramatic effect.

Press On Medium Almond Nails with colorful squiggly lines.

These medium-length almond nails mix colorful squiggly lines with a sprinkle of glitter on each nail.

The nude nail base keeps the look simple, allowing the lines to take center stage. The almond nail shape adds a touch of sophistication.

Press on blush glossy white heart nails.

Whether you are looking for an understated Valentine’s Day nail or just want a pretty and natural nail design, these blush-shaded glossy nails have thin white swirls and partial white hearts.

Press on short pink pattern swirl nails.

These short pink swirl nails mix a light pink pattern and bright pink swirly lines to create a fun effect. The short length of the nails allows for a slightly less flashy look.

Perfect for summer or any time of the year you want to add a touch of color and spunk.

Press On Short Square White Nails with gold, tan and green lines.

These short square white nails are decorated with tan and pale green wavy lines. A few of the lines are enhanced with a thin gold line to make the designs pop.

The muted colors offer a subtle touch of elegance that can work with almost any outfit.

Red Square Ombre Nails with silver lines.

These red square ombre nails with a jelly-like base are covered in silver swirls. A few of the nails have a diamond-like rhinestone to complete the look.

This is a very futuristic-looking ombre nail design that will add a unique and eye-catching sparkle to your style.

Press on short nude almond nails with glittery gold and pastel lines.

Pastel colors are always in style for the spring, and these nude nails with glittery gold and pastel-colored lines are a short almond shape for the perfect understated spring look.

Press On Nude and Black Nails with Gold Lines.

These striking nude and black nails divide the shades using sparkly gold lines. Perfect for a formal event or evening out!

Press on square pink and white French tip nails with white and gold lines.

For a glittery twist to a plain pink and white French manicure, these shorter square pink and white nails are decorated in white and gold glittery lines to draw your eye to the design.

Press On long square light pink and blue ombre white line nails.

Talk about statement-making nails. These long square light pink and blue ombre line nails have a flowy white line design and white stars and dots to create a mesmerizing galaxy-like manicure.

Press on white and gold line coffin nails.

These beautiful white and gold line nails are coffin shape to allow the gold lines to wave through the length of your nail.

The colors create an exquisite look perfect for special occasions and look fantastic with an all-white outfit.

Press on short square nails with multi-color French tips in the shape of flames.

If you want a fiery manicure, these short square nails have French tips in the shape of flames that come in a different rich shade for each nail. Such a funky look!

Press on squoval nude, tan, and brown nails with white lines.

Perfect for autumn, this neutral nail look combines nude, tan, and brown shapes separated by white lines. The monochromatic effect is gorgeous and perfect for a more subtle yet elegant manicure.

Press on Halloween nails with black line stitches on French tips and ghost and mummy faces.

These spooky Halloween nails are a fun take on the popular French tip manicure. Black line stitches separate the white tips from the nude nail.

A few of the nails make these nails pop with a ghost face and a wrapped mummy head.

Press on long pink and green line design coffin nails.

Perfect for fans of the color green, these long pink and green coffin nails are all about the green line designs.

Each nail has a different design, incorporating lines in the form of a snake, stripes, and even an alligator pattern.

Press on long natural ombre coffin nails with silver streaks.

These long silver ombre coffin nails look like fire due to the silver streaks along the length of each nail.

The middle of each nail is a deeper neutral beige to provide a balanced base and visual interest.

Press on square red and pink nude anils with silver lines.

Perfect for Christmas and the winter holidays, these square deep red and pink nude nails get a festive kick with sparkly silver lines that form a geometric pattern.

Press on extra short nude nails with paste line designs and white stars and dots.

These extra-short nude nails are designed with gold, aqua, purple, and green pastel lines and white stars and dots. I love this look on short nails!

DIY Nail Designs with Lines

Metallic nail stickers with curve and line decals.

If press-on nails aren’t your thing and you prefer creating your own nail designs with lines, then nail stickers, like these metallic nail stickers, could be the perfect solution.

You can create your own line nail art with these super affordable stickers.

Nail stickers come in so many different lines and shapes that can easily be cut and placed on your polished nails. You can find all kinds of designs with lines, from intricate patterns to delicate swirls.

The Bottom Line

From press-ons and stickers to hand-painted artistry, there’s something for everyone when it comes to nail designs with lines.

Whether you choose to go for a classic nude nail base or stand out with fun colors, you can use your imagination and make it all your own.

I hope these nail ideas have inspired you to experiment when the time comes for your next manicure!

Thanks for reading! 💅

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