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By Rosie Jane Clean Fragrance Discovery Set

By Rosie Jane Clean Fragrance Discovery Set

Do you have a favorite fragrance that you wear every day? There are a few scents that I’ve worn consistently over the years, but after a while, I usually want a change and start looking for the next great fragrance.

Fragrance is a very personal thing and which scent you choose really depends on your individual preferences. There are so many options to choose from: fresh, fruity, floral, woody, spicy, and musk to name a few, and an infinite combination of these notes can be a bit overwhelming.

For me, I’ve always liked understated, fresh, and clean fragrances, so when I heard that By Rosie Jane fragrances are light, fresh, and floral and that they are also branded Clean at Sephora, I took the leap and purchased the Discovery Set of five fragrances.

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By Rosie Jane

By Rosie Jane Clean Fragrance Discovery Set

I’ll get into each fragrance, but first, a little primer on the company. Celebrity makeup artist Rosie Jane Johnson launched By Rosie Jane back in 2010. This fragrance, beauty and lifestyle brand creates beautifully clean products that they want you to easily incorporate into your daily life.

Their their products are handmade in California and are formulated with essential oils, absolutes, nature identicals and fragrance oils from around the world. They never use phthalates, parabens, endocrine disruptors or animal by-products in their products. By Rosie Jane even shares their complete ingredient list on their website with corresponding EWG (Environmental Working Group) ratings.

This company is deeply committed to the earth and being eco-friendly. They use recyclable materials, vegetable-based inks, avoid single-use plastics and their paper tubes are fully biodegradable.

Plus they have a Give Back 3 for 3 program. Send them 3 or more full-size empty By Rosie Jane containers  (tubes not included) and you’ll receive a free 3ml rollerball of your choice.

I purchased the By Rosie Jane Discovery Set at Sephora. The set includes:

  • 0.1 oz/ 3 mL Leila Lou Eau de Parfum
  • 0.1 oz/ 3 mL Tilly Eau de Parfum
  • 0.1 oz/ 3 mL James Eau de Parfum
  • 0.1 oz/ 3 mL Rosie Eau de Parfum
  • 0.1 oz/ 3 mL Angie Eau de Parfum

Each mini comes in a glass rollerball. I LOVE the packaging for these Eau de Parfum minis. The rollerball allows for easy application with minimal mess. When I saw the rollerballs I was sure that they were oils, but what a pleasant surprise, Eau de Parfums instead!

By Rosie Jane Clean Fragrance Discovery Set in Palm

Let’s take a look at each fragrance. As you can see, the fragrance minis are small, but I think there is enough fragrance in each rollerball to give you a good idea of whether or not you like the fragrance. I will do my best to describe each fragrance but keep in mind that everyone’s interpretation of fragrance will be different.

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By Rosie Jane Leila Lou Eau de Parfum

Leila Lou is their signature and most well-known fragrance. Named after Rosie Jane’s oldest daughter, this is the fragrance that started it all. Leila Lou features notes of pear, jasmine, and fresh-cut grass. The jasmine in this fragrance really stands out to me.

The scent is a beautiful floral. The scent is inspired by spring and is very fresh. Also simple and comforting. This fragrance has a celebrity following and for good reason. It’s my favorite of the bunch, too.

By Rosie Jane Tilly Eau de Parfum

Named for her second daughter, Tilly, you’ll find notes of grapefruit, tropical gardenia, and coconut in Tilly, the fragrance. It seems deeper and richer than Leila Lou.

It is inspired by the summer. Ocean and beach-like terms are used to describe this fragrance. I would agree: it’s a fresh, salty ocean-type scent.

By Rosie Jane James Eau de Parfum

Inspired by Rosie Jane’s youngest, James is more earthy than the others, as it contains notes of fig, amber, and gardenia. I am a fan of all three notes on their own and combined they work really well together.

This scent is inspired by fall and it invokes an image of cool nights by the fire. Deep, romantic and alluring.

By Rosie Jane Rosie Eau de Parfum

Rosie is for the, you guessed it, rose lovers out there. It contains notes of rose, nude musk and vanilla. Inspired by the winter, this scent is very soft and evokes cozy nights in silk pajamas.

It’s a very gentle and feminine scent. It was very light and unfortunately, it didn’t seem to last on me at all. This was definitely my least favorite scent in the set.

By Rosie Jane Angie Eau de Parfum

Angie is formulated with notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, and lily of the valley. Plus a touch of gardenia and fig. It is another fragrance in which jasmine is the first note that I smell.

It is understated and inviting. A beautiful floral meant to be a love letter to Los Angeles: warm nights and easy living.

Final Thoughts on By Rosie Jane Discovery Set

By Rosie Jane Clean Fragrance Discovery Set Lined Up

These fragrances are very different from mass-marketed fragrances. First of all, they are clean and environmentally conscious. Since you are applying these scents directly to your skin, being clean is hugely important and a big plus in my mind!

Second of all, they are not overpowering or headache-inducing. At least not for me. These fragrances rely on floral combinations, though, so if you are not a floral fan, these might not be for you.

By Rosie Jane also offers fragrance in oils (rollerball applications) and even candles made from 100% coconut wax that burn cleanly for up to 60 hours. They also have 0.25 oz Eau de Parfum travel sprays in most scents which, like the Discovery Kit, are ideal for testing the fragrances before committing to a larger size.

I am so impressed with this fragrance collection. I’ve been wearing Leila Lou every day, and I think I may have found a new daily perfume. I’ve also really been enjoying James and Angie.

You can find the Discovery Set and more By Rosie Jane fragrances at Sephora.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try this line. Are you a fan of By Rosie Jane? Let me know in the comments!